Global Post is a manufacturer and supplier in excess of 200 postal products, and has supplied postal products to approximately 45 Postal Administrations throughout the world.

Our products include but are not limited to Mailboxes, Self Standing Pedestals, Plastic seals, Metal Date Stamps, EMS Envelopes, Nylon and Polypropylene Mailbags Mail carts, Mail Sorters, Bar Code Scanners, Readers, Printers, Security Tape, etc

With a management and production team with 20 years experience, Global Post offers premium customer service from its team of dedicated employees.

With offices and manufacturing facilities in China, USA and Canada, Global Post produces first class postal products at the most competitive prices.

Frederick Malamud, current Managing Director of Global Post, started the company with approximately 20 years experience in the manufacture and supply of postal products. He brought with him a vision for growth through new product development and marketing strategies with one goal in mind. This to offer Postal Administrations worldwide Quality and Security in Postal Products at the most competitive prices.

In Addition, Mr Malamud has worked closely with the Union Postale Universal [UPU] and has worked with its Quality Service Fund [QSF]

Global Post stands by its commitment to provide both Quality and Security in postal products.